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What You Can Expect During Preventative Maintenance Service

What happens at a scheduled preventative maintenance service?

There are many types of vehicles and some have various needs for maintenance. However, during a scheduled preventative maintenance service, no matter what type of vehicle, the following inspections or services should be completed to ensure the safety and optimal performance of every vehicle:

First and foremost, the fluid levels should be inspected during a scheduled preventative maintenance service. It is important to know that the fluids in your car like oil, transmission, coolant, and windshield washer are vital for the continued safety and performance of your vehicle. For example, the coolant keeps the engine from overheating while the oil lubricates and cools the moving parts of the engine. As the vehicle is driven over time, the fluids need to be exchanged at various intervals depending on the make of the vehicle.  

How often should I schedule maintenance with my mechanic?

Typically, you should get an oil change for your vehicle every 5,000 km however, it’s best to check your owner’s manual for your particular vehicle.

Here are some of the fluid exchange maintenance items we recommend:

What other areas in my car are inspected?

Also, air and cabin filters collect dust, debris, and even bugs from getting into the engine and passenger compartment of your vehicle These filters should be checked during a scheduled preventative maintenance service and replaced as required. When filters are neglected your vehicle will suffer from reduced engine, heating and air conditioning performance.

Some say the air filter should be changed every 7,500 km, but if you drive in more rural areas with dirt roads, your filter should be changed closer to every 5,000 km. We’ll be happy to inspect it for you and make our best recommendation.

Here are our recommended filter replacements only when necessary:

  • Engine Oil and Transmission
  • Engine air
  • Cabin air
  • Fuel

Lastly, here are some other preventative maintenance services that we may recommend to you during your visit if needed:

We want to make sure your car runs as safely and smoothly as possible and for you to avoid preventable problems to your engine and other vital parts.

Most of the time, you may not realize that issues are growing until it’s too late. If you hear squeaks and creaks coming from your car, it’s best to visit us and have it inspected. Many newer vehicles have monitoring systems that will alert you when an oil change service is required. Don’t let all the fine details boggle your mind, set up your scheduled preventative maintenance service plan with your Master Mechanic and we’ll help take care of the details.

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