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Heating System Components Repair / Replacement


Oddly, your car’s heating system begins with its cooling system. Your vehicle generates so much heat while operating that it requires constant cooling to run properly. The excess heat from your engine must be released. It can be vented outside the car, or through a water valve into a heater core that releases heat into the car’s cabin for your comfort. How much heat, and in which direction it flows inside the cabin, is managed by you through a series of controls and vents. 


In a word…winter! When the cold weather hits, you’ll want to make sure that excess heat from your engine is able to be routed to the car’s cabin and that the temperature you set is the temperature you get. 


There are a lot of parts that make up your car’s heating system, so the first step is for your Master Mechanic technician to determine the cause of the malfunction by conducting a thorough inspection of the entire heating system. Once the problem is identified, your technician will recommend replacing, or repairing, the faulty parts.

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