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Exhaust Pipe Repair / Replacement


Your car’s exhaust system is made up of many pipes and performs several functions. First, and most important, the exhaust system allows dangerous gases to escape the engine from under the vehicle, so they don’t enter the passenger part of the car. This system also controls noise, improves the performance of your vehicle, and helps with fuel economy.


Exhaust pipes can become damaged or corroded over time. If this happens, the results can range from a reduction in power and acceleration to serious health consequences.

If your car’s exhaust system isn’t working properly, harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, may leak into the cabin instead of being released under, or behind, the car. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and, if inhaled, can cause severe sickness and even death.


Fixing your car’s exhaust depends entirely on what, specifically, is the problem. After inspecting the exhaust system, your Master Mechanic technician will have a better idea of whether there is a simple crack or two that can be patched, or whether some, or all, of the pipes need replacing.

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