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Muffler Replacement


The muffler is your car’s silencing system. It contains tubes, channels, and holes which direct gases to reduce exhaust pressure and accompanying noise. It is a required piece of equipment on your car and must be maintained in good working order.


Driving with a damaged or broken muffler will not only cause your car to emit loud noises but it can be outright dangerous! A broken muffler may allow toxic exhaust fumes to leak into your car’s ventilation system which can cause serious illness and even death.


Your Master Mechanic technician will evaluate whether your muffler needs repairing or replacement. In some cases, minor holes can be sealed, but if there is extensive damage to the muffler, or it is completely blown, it will make economic sense to replace it. Your technician will hoist your car up on jacks to remove the old muffler and replace it with a new one. The engine will then be run to ensure that the new muffler is doing its job.

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